DMS Trends

Trends in the DMS industry can be summarized by a move towards thinner, globally accessible, functionally superior offerings with a cost of ownership considerably less than what was historically the case. Hardware independence and functional superiority in a lower cost solution are gaining significant ground in the market and will do so for the foreseeable future.

Professional Services

Data Migration and Analysis

There are specific goals associated with implementing an effective data migration strategy.
Primarily, data must be migrated from the source platform to the target platform completely and accurately, and according to company and regulatory policies on information controls and security. This means no dropped or incomplete records, and no data fields that fail validation or other quality controls in the target environment. Another goal of data migration is that the process be done quickly, with as short a downtime window as possible (given the enterprise's Maintenance Time Objective targets.) Finally, the cost of data migration must be manageable, in terms of technology and staff requirements. Our team of data migration specialists have been performing DMS specific migrations for over a decade.

OEM & Multi-3rd Party Vendor Integration

Augmenting your core DMS with OEM Integration and 3rd Party applications
Help you meet your business goals and is a typical request for DMS vendors. We have extensive DMS integration experience seemlessly partnering with applications that help you meet your business goals and can transform your DMS into a dynamic and sophisticated user experience. Based on our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the DMS market the end result will be an engaging, seamless, and unified executive and user experience unique in the DMS market.

Facility Management & Training

Our highly experienced and professional business training team will help you facilitate change in your organization through our consulting, training and coaching solutions. We specialize in developing fully customized training to help businesses increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, enhance sales results, improve company morale, retain good employees, improve productivity and develop training that brings positive business results. We work closely with our national clients to ensure that every training solution meets specific business needs. Our team has both real world automotive experience and extensive corporate training experience. We have the ability to work with individuals at all levels.