Product Suite

Auto DMS

Our primary target market includes the full spectrum of the retail automotive business including brand, multi-brand and used-car retailers. Our goal is to expose our solution to retail operations with legacy, inefficient or non-existent DMS capabilities to our feature rich, reliable, low-cost alternative. Our unique platform opens the door for these organizations to leverage our technology suite to achieve increased sales and operational performance objectives in either a premise based or hosted configuration. Our process driven, customizable, fiscally sensitive application suite will harnesses the power of DMS and customer relationship management with a cost of ownership model providing an instant ROI.

Service DMS

This solution will contain our core DMS functional components, namely, Accounting, Parts, Service, Point of Sale and Reporting but will cater to the requirements of smaller retail operations such as Parts and Tire Retailers and Franchise/Independent Auto Service Centres.

About Us

FUSION DMS is a software development company located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. FUSION DMS has developed a state of the art Dealership Management System for the retail automotive market trade named FUSION.

Employing a differentiation focused strategy, FUSION distinguishes itself within a small number of target market segments. The unique customer needs of the very large DMS marketplace means that there are substantial opportunities to provide products that are clearly different from competitors who may be targeting a broader group of customers, not just automotive. The important issue for any business adopting this strategy is to ensure that customers really do have different needs and wants - in other words that there is a valid basis for differentiation - and that existing competitor products are not meeting those needs and wants.

We believe that our application suite has embodied at its process driven core, the particular needs and wants of small to mid-sized, sales and service driven retail automotive verticals in search of a solid, reliable, operational efficiency and sales tool.

Our Team
We are a highly skilled application organization with extensive commercial software development, project management and customer relationship management experience with extensive exposure to the automotive sector. We have developed a tier-1 100% web DMS solution functionally comparable to the current market leaders but with superior architecture, scalability and more attractive price point and cost of ownership.

The FUSION Advantage

  • Reduced Cost of Ownership and Price Point
  • Business Process Driven Design
  • Rich 100% Web Interface
  • 128 Bit, Multi-Layer Encryption
  • Global Access and Availability
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Hardware independence
  • Hosted Solution Option
  • Zero-Client Footprint
  • Deployment Speed
  • Scalable Component Architecture
  • Multi-Lingual Application Interface